The AMERSEC® AM LOOP system offers a discreet shoplifting prevention solution for retailers who do not wish or cannot obstruct the store entrance with traditional EAS pedestals. The AM LOOP consists of a cable which runs through the floor and the door frame to conceal it from view. Small units are mounted on the door frame and act as receivers as well as visual and sound indicators. The system is controlled by our AM Controller Unit which is placed up to 8 m from the LOOP system.

The AMERSEC® AM LOOP system provides ideal protection for luxury boutiques or retailers which are using shopping trolleys or other visual displays at the entrance, or their marketing strategy simply does not allow anti-shoplifting pedestals to be visible at the store entrance.

Our AM LOOP system offers the same advantages of remote maintenance and system data collection as our regular pedestal-type AM systems. StoreMonitor compatibility gives you the opportunity to work actively with your security system and manage features important for your article protection on a daily basis.



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